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Adoption Process
  • Complete a pre-adoption application
  • A Happy Tails representative will review your application & follow up with an email
  • Complete a screening interview with the primary caregiver/foster for the animal(s) that you are interested in adopting
  • Schedule a "meet and greet" with the animal(s) you are interested in adopting
    • Please research and educate yourself on adoption and the species/breed of the animal you would like to adopt prior to the "meet & greet"
    • Please come to the "meet & greet" ready to discuss training class options if you are planning to adopt a puppy/dog, as proof of training class enrollment is required prior to picking up your pup after the adoption is finalized
  • If you would like to adopt the animal you have met, please let us know.
    • Sometimes, an animal may have multiple applications and we make it our primary responsibility to find the best possible match for all of our animals.
  • Complete a home visit, virtual home visits may be accepted. (if adopting a dog)
  • Complete adoption payment
  • Complete adoption contract
  • Provide proof of training class enrollment (if adopting a dog) Classes can be from any company except PetSmart. 
  • A few of our dogs require specific classes. It will be noted in their profile on our website.
  • Schedule pick-up of your new family member

Adoption Policies
  • You must be 21 years of age to adopt from Happy Tails Rescue.
  • Current pet must be altered.
  • We do not adopt sibling puppies to the same home. This also applies to puppies from different litters. Puppies should be given at least 3 months to settle into the home routine before another dog is added to prevent any issues from arising from either dog. For questions on this policy please speak with a staff member.
  • It is part of our policy that adopters must not have given up pets in the past. If you feel that in your circumstance, giving up your pet was the only option we will take this into consideration on a case-by-case basis and discuss this with you.
  • You will be asked to sign a legal and binding contract upon adoption.
  • Our contracts and adoption fees are non-negotiable & non-refundable.
  • If you are adopting a puppy/dog, the adoption contract requires proof of enrollment in a training class before you pick up your new family member. A few of our dogs require specific training classes. It will be noted in their profile on our website.
  • Once you have brought your new family member home, you are legally and financially responsible for the care, health, and overall well-being of the animal. 
  • All of our animals are indoor companions and are not to be left outside unattended, running loose, or chained up; this includes the use of "doggie doors" and outdoor runs.

  • While we do adopt out of state, we do not adopt to areas with high euthanasia numbers. Once an animal is transported to us from another state we will not return it to that state for adoption. 
Adoption Fees

We do NOT accept cash or checks for adoption fees. It can be paid with a card at our adoption center or via PayPal on the righthand side of our website.

Our adoption fees include spay/neuter surgery, up-to-date vaccinations (distemper, bordetella, & rabies*), up-to-date preventative (flea/tick* & heartworm), dewormer, a veterinarian exam, microchipping (dogs) and a test for heartworm for dogs*, feline leukemia and FIV test for cats.

*Animals will receive all vaccinations and tests listed as age appropriate.

We consider our primary responsibility to be adopting our animals to caring, forever homes. We work very hard to ensure that we make the best match between our animals and the appropriate home. If we feel that the animal you are interested in is not a good fit, we will let you know. Please respect our decision, as this not an easy conversation to have with anyone, and know that we are considering the interests of both animal and potential adopter(s). We take the time and effort to get to know each of our animals--both the good and bad--and want them to go to a forever home where everyone will be happy.

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