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  FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. I just submitted my application! When should I expect to hear from the rescue? Thank you for applying! Typically your application will be sent to the foster family within 24 hours of it being submitted. One of our staff members will send you an email with info about the next steps when your application is being reviewed. The foster family will then contact you within 24 hours of them receiving it from the staff member. So, expect to hear from a staff member and the foster family within 24-48 hours!

2. I met with the foster and animal and we all think I should adopt! What are the next steps in adoption and how long will it take? Let the foster know you are interested in adopting and if they agree that you are the best fit they will contact our adoption coordinator. You will be sent an email with instructions on how to finalize the adoption within 24 hours! Once you have completed all the steps and signed the adoption contract and paid the adoption fee you must pick up the animal within 24 hours. Keep in touch with the foster family!

3. Do I really have to enroll my dog in traing classes before I can take them home? I've trained all my dogs myself! Yes, this is required for ALL of our dogs. Since we have made this a requirement we have seen a sharp decline in dogs being surrendered back to us. Which is awesome! We want every home to be a forever home, and the common reasons people return dogs back to us could have been easily fixed with training, but the dog wasn't given a chance. Many of the people who surrender are still ones who say they have plenty of dog training experience, so we make NO exceptions. Sorry! Our staff members can speak more about this if you want to know more. They don't have to start the classes right away, we just need to see that you have purchased the classes. (We do not accept classes from PetSmart.)

***A few of our dogs require specific training classes. It will be noted in their profile on our website. 

4. The dog I was interested in was adopted before I got to meet them/was adopted by another family, now what? Many of our dogs receive multiple applications and it is our mission to find the perfect home for every dog and perfect dog for every home! Please understand that choosing between apps is difficult. If the dog you are interested in is adopted by someone else feel free to apply for other dogs you would like to meet. 

5. What are you adoption policies/process? Please go to our adoption info page to learn more! tailsrescue.org/info/adoption

6. I see a dog I am really interested in! Can you tell me more about them? ALL of our dogs are in foster homes so their foster family knows it all. If you want to know more fill out a preadoption application at tailsrescue.org/forms/ and their foster family will be in contact! (see question 1)

7. What do your adoption fees cover/why are the amounts what they are? Our adoption fees include spay/neuter surgery, up-to-date vaccinations (distemper, bordetella, & rabies*), up-to-date preventative (flea/tick* & heartworm), dewormer, a veterinarian exam, microchipping, and a test for heartworm*/feline leukemia and FIV. *Animals will receive all vaccinations and tests listed as age appropriate. We have an adoption center that we rent, we don't turn away medical cases and often have several dogs per year that need expensive surgeries; dogs that had horrible burns, broken legs, heartworm, parvo, cancer, neurological issues etc. We have dogs that have ongoing medical costs for prescription foods and medications. We have hundreds of dogs every month and we supply all of our fosters with food, treats, toys, beds, crates, leashes, collars etc. We do get lots of donations which we are very thankful for, but they do not cover enough for what we use. Sometimes places we pull dogs from have a transportation fee that we have to pay.

That's some of what adoption fees cover!

8. Am I required to have a fenced in yard to adopt from you? Nope! While fences are nice and can put you a bit ahead of other applicants, they are not required!

9. Can I stop by your adoption center to see the dog I am interested in? Yes and no. ALL of our dogs are in foster homes! If you want to know more about them or want  to meet them fill out a preadoption application at tailsrescue.org/forms/ and their foster family will be in contact! (see question 1) You can arrange to meet them at the center, or you can ask if they will be at the adoption event. (see question 10)

10. Can I have more info about you adoption events? Events are held at 7940 University Avenue, Fridley every Sunday 12:00 - 5:00pm! Meet some of our pups and cats looking for their new forever homes! If there is a certain animal you want to meet at one the events please fill out an application to contact their foster family (see question 1) or visit our Facebook page to see if they will be there! Their event attendance is based on the availability of their foster family. (see question 9)

11. I would love to volunteer! What can I do? We love having volunteers at our Sunday 12-5 adoption events! We are located at: 7940 University Ave Ne Fridley, MN  55432. We need help cleaning, organizing, holding leashes and answering questions! If you would like to do more than that fill out a volunteer application at tailsrescue.org/forms/ to contact our volunteer coordinator!

12. I'm interested in fostering, what can you tell me about that? We have many dogs available in all sizes, breeds and ages that are waiting for a foster home. If you can help out, we will have a dog that works for you. Please complete the online foster application if you are interested at tailsrescue.org/forms/ We are also looking for fosters for our cats! Thinking about getting a dog or cat, or a second animal, but not quite sure? This is your chance to see how life would be with a dog, cat, second or third animal without making a lifetime committment. 

When fostering for Happy Tails Rescue we supply food, authorized medical expenses, and supplies (treats, toys, beds, crates, leashes, collars etc.). You provide a safe and loving temporary home for a dog or cat while they await their forever home! It is a very fun and rewarding experience and a great way to get to know other breeds of dogs and cats and save a life at the same time! We have both short and long term foster opportunities available. And as a foster parent, you always have the first option of adopting your foster animal. (though fosters cannot adopt their very first foster dog as we like them to go through the process fully. After your first you can adopt!)

Adoption applications are sent to our fosters to review and contact. We ask our fosters to set up meets with applicants, and if the meet goes well we can handle the process from there!

Because we choose to foster all of our dogs and cats versus kenneling them, we are limited to the number of animals we can take into our group by the number of available foster homes. So, we could really use your help!

13. Why can't my resident dog meet the puppy I am applying for? Puppies don't have a great immune system. We don't want our little ones exposed to any illnesses. We ask that you know how your dog is with other dogs before applying for a puppy. Puppies will be fine with other dogs, so it is up to adopters to know if there dog will accept a new pup into the household. Also being aware that there will be an adjustment period with any new animal that is added. Puppies should never be left unattended with other dogs and should be supervised to ensure appropriate interactions and keep the little ones safe.

14.  Why can't the cat I am meeting meet my resident pets? Cats can take a while to adjust. Having them briefly meet a your resident cat or dog will not give a realistic view of how they will get along. If you are adopting a cat please understand that the adjustment period can take days to weeks and be willing to give them the time they need. If you are applying for a cat and have a dog at home we ask that you know your dog and if they have a prey drive.

15. Why do I have to wait until the cat/dog I am adopting is fixed to bring them home? We spay/neuter ALL of our cats and dogs before they go to their forever homes! And we have them stay at their foster home for 24 hours after the procedure to make sure that they recover from the anesthesia properly. If any complications were to arise, the vets that we have worked with for years will be able to stay in contact with us. If we sent animals homes before alteration, there is a chance that it would not be done by the adoptive family. There is such an overwhelming population of stray cats and dogs, with estimates being around 70,000,000 in the U.S. alone. If we can at all prevent any more litters of dogs looking for homes, we are for sure going to do something about it! Which is why they must all be altered before going to their homes.

16. I've heard recomendations that animals should wait until they are 6 months old to be spayed/neutered. Why do you not wait? That is an older practice that started after WWII when house pets became more common and families didn't want to have so many litters. Anesthesia and surgical practices were not as safe or researched back then, which is why the 6 month age for alteration was set. But now, 70 years later, our knowledge with the procedures and their care and anesthetics are incredibly more advanced and so much more safe than they used to be, allowing puppies and kittens to be safely neutered as young as 8 weeks old. For more information, please read the research paper done by Margaret Root-Kustritz, DVM, PhD from the University of Minnesota. Click here to read her paper! There are more sources that will agree and say that it is now much safer to spay/neuter at a young age than it was in the past. We work with several vet clinics that alter our animals, none of them have an issue with early spay/neuter.

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