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10/29/2020 4:00 PM


The power of rescue: Before and After Photo Gallery

Some of our pups require a little extra TLC, but the end result is beyond worth it! Check out these before and after photos!

If you would like to see your Happy Tails "Happy Tail" posted here, please send a current picture in jpeg format to dogs@tailsrescue.org with the name of animal at the time it was adopted as well as his/her current name and age.

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Melody now!

Melody then

Jabba now!

Jabba then

Chance now!

Chance then

Butterscotch now!

Butterscotch then

Granda now!

Granda then

Gma now!

Gma then

Nyssa now!

Nyssa then

Thor now!

Thor then

Tilley and Liberty now!

Liberty then

Tilley then

Roscoe now!

Roscoe then

Isla now!

Isla then

Porky Now!

Porky then

Maya Before and After

Buster now!

Bobby now!

Bobby & Buster then

Star now!

Star then

Snow White now!

Snow White then

Gandolf now!

Gandolf then

Fluffy Sugar now!

Fluffy Sugar then

Kaya Now!

Kaya then

Poppy Now!

Poppy then

Yin now

Yin and Yang then

Nikki now

Nikki then

Salty now

Salty then

Abby Now

Abby Then

Champ (formerly Spanky)

Champ-Now 5/19/08

Clyde - Then

Clyde - Now Cooper (with brother Jasper)

Cody (formerly Ralphie)

Cody - Now (posted 1/5/09)


Copper - Now (posted 3/13/09)





Ellie (formerly Raja) - Then

Ellie (formerly Raja) - Now

Griffey (formerly Chaz) - Then

Griffey - Now (posted 9/17/08)

Griffey-Now (posted 3/18/09)

Harley - Then (5/2/08)

Harley Bear - Now (5/2/08)

Herb - Then

Herb - Now (posted 1/2/09)

Jabu - Then

Jabu - Now (6/10/08)

Lena Lou (formerly Cairo) - Then

Lena Lou - now (posted 9/7/08)



Link (formerly Olympus) - Then

Link (formerly Olympus) - Now

Maddee (formerly Darla) - Then

Maddee (formerly Darla) - Now

Maddee 1 yr old (Mar 08)

Mi-In (aka GinGin) - Then

Mi-In (aka GinGin) - Now

Mozart - Then

Mozart - Now

Oliver aka Spanky-Then

Oliver - Inbetween

Oliver - Now 2/25/09

Ophie, formerly Kiki-Then

Ophie-Now (posted 2/21/09)

Peach - Then

Peach - Now (posted 1/2/09)

Penny (formerly Cinnamon) - Then

Penny - Now (posted 9/17/08

Peter - Then

Peter - Now (posted 1/2/09)

Poppy - Then

Poppy - Now (9/2/08)

Reggie - Then

Reggie - Now (6/10/08)

Reggie Blue aka Reggie - Now (2/25/09)

Reese (formerly Ricky) - Then

Reese - Now (posted 1/5/09)

Sadie (Sophie) - Then

Sammy (formerly Tawnie) - Then

Sammy - Now (8/20/08)


Scout - Now (posted 3/13/09)

Sophie - Now

Sophie - Then

Sophie - Now

Spice - Then

Spice - Now (9/2/08)

Sugar - Then

Sugar - Now (8/20/08)


Zena-Now (9/11/08)

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