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We love to hear how things are going with your Happy Tails 'happy tail' so please, take a few minutes to jot us a note and we will post it here.  Send your story to happy@tailsrescue.org.

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We adopted Zena in April 2018. She has been a wonderful and waggy addition to our family. She loves finding the perfect stick, playing with every dog she encounters, and fetching (except the giving-the-ball-back part). She is also great with all people, but loves toddlers and small children most of all. In her 3 months with our family, she has grown so much - from a rambunctious puppy to an affectionate and well-behaved companion (although we suspect she'll never truly grow into her ears). We are grateful to have her in our lives.


"My name was Josh, but since my new family adopted me from the MN Car show, they renamed me "Dodge". They were visiting there from Milwaukee. My family and I couldn't be any happier. My home in Milwaukee is fantastic. I get to play and eat and have fun ALL the time! I even have a brother AND I got to go to school (and graduated Valedictorian because I knew how to "shake"!) Thank you Happy Tails!!!!"


My husband and I adopted our little Indiana last September and we've been in love with her ever since. Shes a black lab mix with such a happy go lucky attitude at all times, and loves meeting new people and new dogs. She approaches everyone with her tail wagging so much her whole body wags with it, and everyone she meets just simply adores her, including our 2 year old lab, Dakota. We don't know a lot about where she was before, just that she was on the euthanasia list in an Oklahoma kennel when her happy tails foster took her in. She's still just a pup about 7 months, and even in the short time she's been with us we couldn't imagine life without her.


I adopted Bobby back in April, I was looking for a playmate for my kitten Penny. He was so sweet and kind I knew he would be the perfect addition to our little family. After about a week Bobby had Penny wrapped around his little paw. They are inseparable and everyone that meets him falls in love with him immediately. It was the best decision I ever made bringing him home


We adopted annie, now chloe about two years ago. When we got her she couldn't put on weight for the life of her. She was also scared of our kitty timone. She quickly became best friends with our family members dogs and made a super bestie out of a 150 lb. bulldog. Chloe now loves long walks and a good all day nap. She has grown so much and now has ditched the kennel at night and sleeps by mommy and daddys bed. She loves killing her stuffies and going up north to the cabin. Her favorite thing about the cabin is learning how to be a hunting dog, though bunnies are still a hard thing for her not to chase 😊. We love her and we thank happy tails all the time for letting us adopt her.

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