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We love to hear how things are going with your Happy Tails 'happy tail' so please, take a few minutes to jot us a note and we will post it here.  Send your story to happy@tailsrescue.org.

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I adopted Bobby back in April, I was looking for a playmate for my kitten Penny. He was so sweet and kind I knew he would be the perfect addition to our little family. After about a week Bobby had Penny wrapped around his little paw. They are inseparable and everyone that meets him falls in love with him immediately. It was the best decision I ever made bringing him home


It is my pleasure to report a happy tale to Happy Tails! Buster is doing very well in his new home. He bonded quite quickly with both me and my dog Bailey. He is respectful of her and she has welcomed him into her space. She follows him everywhere, which is good to keep her active. He was not so sure about sleeping in his own bed. Now when he wants to share a bed, he snuggles with Bailey. They have become quite the pair. Where one goes, the other is sure to follow. It's hard to believe Buster has only been with us for a few weeks because he seems like he was meant to be here. He has met the other dogs in my extended family and loves to run and play with them. He is a sweet boy that just wants to be wherever I am, and so cuddly! Thank you for helping us find him, and thank you for all you do for all the others dogs you have placed in homes.


I just wanted to say thank you to you (all the Happy Tails volunteers!) for making it possible for us to have Bear as a member of our family! She brings us indescribable joy- & fun and love- every day! We just couldn't be any happier with her! We love her so much! She has become like a new dog, she is full of energy & spunk like a puppy! She went from tiring out after a 4 block walk to walking about 3 miles a day & still wanting to play when we get home! She loves her many toys & we have play time everyday. She is goofy & hilarious & so much fun! She is on an organic vegan diet that seems to agree really well with her! The vet said she is a perfect weight now (down 2.5 lbs.) and she is very healthy. Also, she is quite a bit younger (vet says she thinks 4 or 5, no more than 6) than we thought, which we were very excited to hear, as we want as many years as possible with her! She is now fully potty trained, she can 'sit' 'lay down' and 'stay' ... and she is honestly just the funniest, cutest, most amazing spoiled little girl in the world! We have arranged our schedules so one of us is always home with her & we have to take her everywhere with us. We always joke that we ARE those crazy dog people now- but we love it! Thank you SO, SO much for all that you do, we just can't thank you enough for Bear!


I adopted Tink (now called Bixby) in early 2009 because my 6-month-old kitten Rupert desperately needed playmate other than my ailing senior kitty. Calm, patient Bixby was exactly what the household needed! He has been extremely tolerant of Rupert's sometimes inappropriate roughhousing. When they're not wrestling or chasing each other around the house, the two feline buddies can be found cuddled together in a cat bed. Bix and I have developed a special bond. He always comes to say Goodnight after I turn off the light, and usually spends the night curled up at my feet. He also likes to spend hours in my lap while I work at home, and when feeling particularly affectionate, will reach up and lightly put his paw on my chin. He's just a super nice cat, and I'm so glad that Happy Tails rescued him so he could come live out his years as part of my family. I've attached a photo of Bixby perched in his favorite spot on top of my bedroom armoire. Thanks for all you do.


Buster has really taken to everyone. My daughter Marie just turned 3 years old in December ('08'). When Marie and him play together, she laughs so hard, makes everyone laugh. We found out Buster likes to play with string. I make necklaces as a hobby, lets just say it took a little longer than usual! He's so cute. He is definately a great addition to our family. Hes definately loved. One of my cats, Rubie, is okay with him, just won't allow him to get close. Abby is a different story. She went a little psycho, and has stayed that way since he showed up, anyone gets near her she freaks. She doesnt take to new cats very well. She will eventually warm-up to him. Shes just a crabby cat. Thank you again for your patience, and helping us find Buster. ~Robin (posted 1/13/2009)

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